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Over the last 24 years, David and Barbara Garcia have enjoyed extensive travel throughout the many regions of Mexico including: Michoacan, Jalisco, Oaxaca, Guanajuato, Chiapas, Puebla, Guerrero and Tlaxcala, Veracruz.

David and Barbara Garcia

These trips have allowed us to visit stunning cities, major archeological sites and many of the charming small villages and towns that dot Mexico's countryside. We are fluent Spanish speakers as well, which aids us in our travels through Mexico.

As folk art collectors, our focus is on works created by contemporary Mexican Masters. Fifteen pieces of our own personal collection were borrowed by the Museum of Man in San Diego, CA and were displayed in the exhibit, "Hecho in Mexico". The exhibit lasted a year and a half. It was the largest exhibit in the United States.

As art enthusiasts, we belong to a non-profit art collectors organization known as "Los Amigos del Arte Popular" with over 400 members across the United States. This group also travels throughout the various regions of Mexico. We've helped with some of the trips and have taken small groups to visit Mexican villages. Recently, David was voted onto the Board of Directors of our club.

We feel that with our combined knowledge, experience, and love for Mexican culture and its art, we can pass valuable information onto people who would want to explore these regions of Mexico. Having us as your guide to Oaxaca benefits you as you can draw on our experiences in the region and our knowledge of art and culture to help you have the best adventure possible while visiting Oaxaca.

David's Personal Bio:
I'm retired and work for the San Diego Padres baseball team as an Ambassador. My wife, Barbara, retired as a language arts specialist teacher for National City School District.

Testimonials From Past Travelers

"You could not find more delightful traveling companions than David and Barbra Garcia. They combine a love of arts and crafts with genuine interest in the artisans and their families..This added dimension allows you to value each treasure you bring back even more. I am recommending their trips to all who seek a deeper appreciation of folk art and respect for the local culture."

Feliz Viajes!

"In July 2008 we visited Oaxaca, Mexico where we had the good fortune to get to know David and Barbara Garcia. They helped make our experience in Oaxaca extra-special. As a result of David's personal associations with Oaxacan artisans he transformed a wonderful visit into an extraordinary experience. For example, he arranged for the artisans to come to our hotel to show and sell their work. He eagerly shared his knowledge about the quality and cost of these special items guiding us through the purchases of beautiful rugs and exquisite silver jewelry.

Aside from his obvious planning skills including arranging for sightseeing, transportation and hotels, David is also capable of dealing with emergencies.

David exudes graciousness, sincerity, and integrity. These traits are crucial in his relationships with Mexican artisans, hoteliers and transportation providers. His fluency in the Spanish language and etiquette really helps too. We'd love to take another trip to Oaxaca with David and Barbara."

Suzanne and Jim
San Diego, CA

"I have traveled with David and Barbara twice and both times were a lot of fun. They know most of the local folk artists, many of them off the beaten tourist path, and are delighted to help connect the artisans with those interested in their work. They are generous with their extensive knowledge of Mexico, the folk art genres of Mexico and the artists. Perhaps the greatest strength (and it shows) is the respect and genuine affection they have for the artists. Organized, flexible, friendly and intimate, trips with David are unique and entertaining."


"Traveling with David Garcia is a joy and an adventure. He shares his passion for Mexico by being your guide to the "must see" sights as well as the "out of the way" treasures of the country. His knowledge of the people, their history, culture, art and food makes for the perfect Mexican experience."

Jerry and Mary
San Clemente, CA

"As retired teachers who have traveled and led many groups in Mexico, we can assure anyone traveling with David Garcia that he is an extremely experienced, personable guide. David has keen insights regarding Mexican folk art, its artisans and the culture of Mexico.

As friends of David & Barbara Garcia, we know them to be enthusiastic, knowledgeable, attentive, and friendly, with all people they meet. David has many connections & many friendships in Mexico which make traveling with David, much more fun, safe & unique.

David knows the ins & outs of transportation needs, packing companies & the best of the local artisans of the area which means a very safe, quality experience. He also is a native speaker of Spanish, so if you have a language need on the trip, David is your man.

Tom & Alma

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