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Teatro Macedonio Alcala - Oaxaca, Mexico

Teatro Macedonio Alcala

The Teatro Macedonio Alcalá was built in 1903 in the elaborate French style that was fashionable under Porfirio Díaz. It has a marble stairway and a five-tier auditorium holding 1300 people.

Welcome to Dos Vagos Mexican Tours. David and Barbara Garcia will be your personal travel guides to Oaxaca, Mexico as we help you to explore this beautiful and rich valley region of Mexico. Our 20+ years of travel have taken us to many of the stunning cities and valleys in Mexico, but we have come back to Oaxaca time and time again, always finding another way to enjoy the culture and history of this historic valley.

On our Oaxaca Tours, we will take you to different parts of the city and state of Oaxaca. Just a few of the highlights we may be visiting on this guided tour are Monte Alban, a prehistoric capital of the Zapotec empire, located only 10km from the city of Oaxaca.

We also travel to some of the magnificent churches in Oaxaca, including Santo Domingo Church and the Basilica Church. Their stunning architecture inside and out are a sight to behold.

This region is also known for its rich culture, history and art, housing many artisans who create exquisite art ranging from woodwork, to woven rugs, and original paintings. On our Oaxaca tour you will get to meet some of the artisans who create beautiful handmade artwork and see demonstrations of how they create their work.

Don't forget about the Mexican cuisine that awaits your taste buds! Regional foods are an intoxicating part of the personal tour as we experience the tastes and traditions of Oaxaca, Mexico. We'll be visiting chefs and restaurants and experiences fine Mexican cooking. Get specific information on where we will be dining during the tour to Oaxaca on our Itinerary page.

Basilica de la Soledad - Oaxaca, Mexico

Basilica de la Soledad Church

The basilica was built between 1682 and 1690 to house the holy image of the Virgin of Solitude (Soledad), Oaxaca's patron saint. The statue stands inside the church, decorated with 600 diamonds and topped with a 4-lb gold crown. Her vestments are encrusted with pearls.

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Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca
Tonala, Michoacan, Puebla
Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende
Mexico City and Metepec, Guatemala, Chiapas, Guadalajara.

Government Palaces
Monte Alban
El Tule
Santo Domingo Church
Artist Homes
1 full day cooking class with well known Zapotec family in their village
Etla Market
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